Beach Essentials That You Need This Summer 2020

The Summer of 2020 can be enjoyable and is still saveable! Planning a quick getaway with your loved one, your family, or with your girlfriends? If so, make sure you read our article! Here, we will present some of the best beach & pool essentials that you will need for August & September!

Enjoy these hot days while they're still here, and get yourself these top 8 beach essentials!

1. Don't leave your home without an SPF

An SPF is a must-have for every woman, no matter her skin type or complexion. Everyone can end up with sunburnt skin, but the way you tan or burn is different for everyone. This depends, a lot, on your natural melanin production. Now, since you can't stop it or completely prevent it, you can slow it down!
Your beach bag should be equipped with a sunscreen that has an SPF 30 (at least). Reapply it every 2 hours to avoid any redness, and enjoy a flawless tan! Apply the product gradually over your body & face. Don't forget your back and neck area as well.

2. Think about your hair

Just as you protect your skin, you should also protect your hair! Your hair is prone to breakage and damage, and you might end up with broken strands if you don't treat it and nourish the way you should.
You should wear a beach hat, a cap, or a sunhat at all times. Once you wash your hair use a deep conditioner to replenish your strands and to give it the much-needed moisture.
Finally, once you're out of water and sun-bathing protect your hair with a hair-care product that has an SPF in it, it will do a lot for your strands.

3. Go for a bright neon manicure & pedicure

Your summer nails should be colourful, bright, as well as noticeable! Are you a fan of neon colours? If not, you should give them a go since they are seamless looking as well as attention-seeking during these hot days! Everyone loves to wear bright oranges, pinks, yellows & purples - these are a bulletproof solution for the summer.
You can browse through some of the prettiest shades right here, and get yourself either the Bluesky Water games, Peanut ice cream, or the Beach party!
Colour your toenails in a matching tone as well, and enjoy the bright polish party!

4. Bring a top coat with you

Once your bright neon polish is on, make sure that it stays on during your entire getaway! A lot of women can end up with chipped manicures, especially if they only use regular nail polish.
Bluesky gel polishes are high-quality, durable & water-resistant on their own. However, once you add a top coat on top, they will be indestructible!
You can also bring a topcoat with you and reach for it every couple of days just to seal the deal with your manicure.
Bluesky hard gel, topcoat, or matte topcoat are just some of the best options that you can explore!

5. A pair of sunglasses are stylish, but also practical

Are you a fan of giant sunglasses? They can give out a chic & cool vibe, but they will also protect your vision! A lot of women love to wear aviator glasses when chilling at the pool.
We highly recommend wearing any shades that have UV protection to them when you're out of the house.
Don't forget your sunglass box and a tissue if you wish to maintain them and keep them clean at all times!
However, do not bring your designer glasses with you. Rather stick to some inexpensive and easily replaceable ones when out in the sand or by the pool. Better to be safe than sorry!

6. A good book is a must

Although not really a beauty, hair, or fashion item, we highly recommend bringing an interesting book with you, no matter where you go!
There is nothing as relaxing as reading an interesting book when you're tanning by the pool, enjoying your boat ride, or watching the sunset!
You will also love an interesting book during your car-ride, plane-ride, or moments before you hit the bed! Something that is up to 200 pages long will keep you busy yet relaxed, trust us!

7. Feel flawless in a flowy dress

Everyone loves to look and feel cute during their Summer vacation, right? You should pack light and do not go overboard with your chosen clothes.
However, what you should have (at all times) is a comfortable, loose & flowy dress!
Every woman will look and feel cute in her floral pattern knee-high dress. These are super easy to pair along + you can freely wear them to the beach, by the pool, or when out to a fancy dinner! The possibilities are endless!

8. Your phone charger

Lastly, you should have your phone charger with you 99% of the time. Why? Well, we tend to neglect our phones quite a lot when we're chilling and relaxing in the sun (which is a good thing). However, high temperatures and heavy heat can drain our battery, literally!
Simply put your phone charger or your portable battery in your beach bag, and carry it with you wherever you go! This item is super lightweight and petite, so it shouldn't come off as a hassle whatsoever.

Ready to relax and enjoy your beach days?

So, are you ready to pack your things and enjoy a beautiful getaway? If so, just make sure to pack these top 8 essentials! They will easily fit in your beach bag, and they will help you enjoy your vacation at its fullest! Let us know which one of these beauty, hair, nail, skincare, as well as fashion and everyday items is already a must-bring when you're off to a vacation, we would love to know!

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