Celebrities And Their Ravishing Manicures - But On A Budget!

Celebrities And Their Ravishing Manicures - But On A Budget!

If you're on a budget make sure that you scroll through this article! Here, we will help you achieve a flawless Red Carpet manicure (inspired by your favorite celebrities) with our new Summer gel polish collection!

Don't you just hate it when you're favorite celebs look ravishing, yet they are not sharing their beauty secrets? Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep up to date with all of their hacks. Why? Well, most of the time they either don't feel like sharing their beauty secrets, and other half of the time, they know that we can't afford their high-end treatments.

However, what if we told you that you can get a flawless manicure without breaking a bank on that new Gucci or Louis Vuitton nail polish?!

Find your nail inspiration with one of our five celebrities, and get their look on a budget with our gel polishes!

Top 5 Celebrity Manicures That You Can Get On A Budget

1. Kim Kardashian & Her French Acrylic Nails              

Kim Kardashian is often spotted wearing her natural nails. She is a fan of neat & soft, as well as short manicures. However, in this picture, she had a Met Gala gathering where she had to completely transform her image! She ended up looking dazzling, and as elegant as ever!

 Kim ended up getting long square-shaped acrylic nails, and she went with the good old classic, French manicure! Her nail tech spent 2 hours giving her this new set, what do you think of the outcome?

Since acrylic nails and nail techs can get pricey, we recommend that you invest in your gel polish, and finish the manicure on your own! Get yourself the Solid White polish and let it become your staple!


Who Will Like This Look?

If you are a fan of soft, white, as well as elegant manicures, you will love this colour! It will suit workaholic women the best, as well as women who don't like dramatic colours.

2. Rihanna & Her Wild Green Nails

Rihanna is always rocking bold colours, and people worldwide love her unique approach and brave style. In this picture, she is serving looks with her bright (almost neon) like manicure, and she is rocking that Red Carpet glam!

Rihanna is almost always spotted wearing long acrylics. She is not a fan of subtle manicures, and she likes to be noticed. Does this sound like you as well?

If so, make sure that you get yourself the Peanut Ice gel polish! This colour is the ultimate fun colour that you will want to wear all Summer long!

Make sure that your nails are long since this colour will look the best on longer nails.

Who Will Like This Look?

Younger women will adore this neon green shade, as well as teens. If you are a party animal and you are a social person, go for this gel! It is an amazing conversation starter at parties, believe it or not.

3. Fergie & Her Soft Beige Manicure


Fergie, even to this day, is serving looks and she is as stunning as ever! The former Black Eyed Peas star is always spotted wearing a soft glam, along with feminine manicures.

In this picture, Fergie is embracing her playful & romantic side. She is embracing a simple polish colour with a beautiful nude lip - perfect for mature women who don't like flashy looks!

Do you like her shorter oval nails, along with her makeup & outfit? We highly recommend that you go for this shade if you are into princessy colours! This Pink Martini polish is one of the best-sellers, simply because it can adjust and melt with any skin colour!

Who Will Like This Look?

If you are a bride-to-be, a minimalist, or a low-maintenance girl - go for this gel. It won't chip easily, and your nails will look as good as new even as they grow out. Mature women will also fall in love with this colour and its elegance!

4. Rita Ora & Her Bright Blue


Rita Ora always looks like a diva, and every look suits her! She is a phenomenal singer who is capable of pulling off any colour! In fact, during this Red Carpet shoot, she managed to pair-up a bright red lipstick with her baby blue nails!

Rita Ora is a confident woman, and in life, all will come down to your confidence level. If you can work it with courage, you can make it work! So put that smile on, and show everyone how you can match a bright blue shade with any lip colour!

This baby blue is the ultimate Summer gel polish colour. It is called Water Games, and it will come in handy whether you're off to a beach, pool party, or any Summer holiday!

Who Will Like This Look?

You will love this baby blue as long as you are a fan of noticeable colours. If you can pull off neon colours usually, give this shade a chance! It will look the best on younger women who like to party, and on shorter oval-shaped nails!

5. Selena Gomez & A Fiery Red


Selena Gomez was our childhood crush! This Disney star became even more popular over the years, and especially after dating Justin Bieber. Selena is always a hot & trendy topic, and her nails also scream fire!

She paired up her bright red manicure with a red dress & a bold red lipstick. She ended up emphasizing her fiery side with these colours, and she rocked that ''Red Carpet'' look!

Are you a fan of classy manicures? Selena rocked her natural nails in this picture, and she embraced the professional vibe. This manicure didn't take a lot of time to get, but it is a show-stopping one! You will like our dupe colour since it is so affordable (only £6.95)+ it has a catchy name - Lipstick Red!

Who Will Like This Look?

You will adore this colour choice if you are a fan of classic and ever-lasting shades. A bright red manicure will let others around you know that you are a feminine lady who likes to get straight to business! Usually, red colours are worn by workaholic women and mature ladies.

Ready For Your New Celeb-Inspired Manicure?

Let us know in the comments down below which look was your favourite! Will you copy your celebs manicure, and will you DIY your own project? You can't go wrong with any of these five gel polishes since all of them are long-lasting, chip-resistant, as well as rich in pigment! See for yourself and thank us later!


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