How to do the ultimate gym manicure in 5 steps

Gyms are back open and people are more than excited about spending their spare time working out. Are you ready to get your body back in shape and emphasize your curves? Well, while you're at it, why not also pamper yourself a bit? You can look feminine and feel great about yourself with the right manicure. If you want to look well put and you also need a chip-resistant manicure you will enjoy this article! Here, we will help you get the prettiest nails that will survive heavy sweat, workouts, as well as heavy weight-lifting. Keep on reading and find out what steps you need to take.

Top 5 steps to your perfect gym manicure

1. Prepare your nails

Every manicure starts with the right preparation of your nails. You should purchase an amazing base coat that you can use over your natural nails, no matter the look or the manicure that you're going for. You will love the Bluesky base coat since it dries quickly and it can prepare your nail plate for any gel or nail polish colour. Use the Bluesky base coat over your natural nails and let it dry down on its own or under a UV or LED lamp.

PS: Make sure that your nails are properly cut, shaped & filed. Only then you will have a long-lasting manicure. Once your nails are nicely shaped, use the base coat and you will prolong the lifespan of your manicure and you will have a smooth base to work on.

2. Avoid long acrylic nails

Although these are quite beautiful & feminine, acrylic nails have their cons. For instance, have you ever tried to work out with your acrylic nails? The process can look quite annoying and it can seem like a struggle from afar. You might struggle to pick up things and carry weights while having these on. Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are the number one go-to by teens, brides, as well as women who need formal nails for an upcoming important event. These nails are usually quite long and extravagant, which makes them more prone to chipping, breaking, as well as peeling. If you want to avoid this mess and rock something durable, think about natural nails!

3. Invest in your gel polish

Speaking of natural, how about you consider getting gel nails - or even better, doing them on your own?! Gel nails have become a lot more popular than acrylics in the last few years due to their amazing durability. Gel polish is applied on top of your natural nails and is cured under a UV or LED lamp. This polish is chip-resistant, water-resistant, as well as impossible to peel off. You should purchase the Bluesky gel polish and browse through your options right here. These are high-shine gel polishes that you can use on your own and without the need to visit a salon. By using the Bluesky gel polishes you will save so much money and time since you'll do the manicure with ease and on your own! No reason to get stuck in traffic and walk to your salon. Simply enjoy the process on your own!

4. Always set your polish

One of the most important steps is for you to set your manicure with the right topcoat. Without setting it in place, your nails can easily smudge, chip, as well as break. You should use the Bluesky top coat and paint one thick layer across your natural nails. You can go for either the glossy or matte effect, the choice is up to you. Luckily Bluesky makes incredible top coats, both matte and glossy and you will adore its comfortable texture. Once protected with one additional layer and this top coat, your nails will survive extreme workouts, runs, cardio, and HIT workouts. They will also stay protected even if you end up making a slight mistake, such as getting them stuck under your mat, on a machine, or when slamming your locker!

5. Choose the prettiest colour

This trick and advice might sound a bit weird or unpractical, but it will help you with the longevity of your polish colour. Here's how. You should choose the prettiest polish shade that you own. You can browse through your ideal collection right here with Bluesky polishes. There are loads of different colours and you will enjoy its variety since you will easily find your perfect go-to shade. Once purchased, applied, and dried down, you will fall in love with your Bluesky gel polish. If you end up falling in love with your results, you will take better care of your nails. This means that you will avoid hitting them, you will avoid extreme and sweaty workouts, and you will watch out how you lift your weights. It is a slight psychological trick, but it does wonders!

Pro tip: go for an oval shape

This last piece of advice will come in handy for women who have naturally shorter or brittle nails. You will enjoy wearing and rocking an oval manicure since it is so easy to shape and take care of. You should use a nail file and go for almond or oval shape since it is the easiest to maintain and achieve + it doesn't break as easily as square, stiletto, or coffin nails.

Ready to rock your gym nails?

And there you have it! The right way on you how can achieve flawless and chip-resistant gym nails. Simply follow these five rules and you will end up with shiny, healthy, as well as durable workout nails. Let us know what colour is your absolute go-to, and how hard or easy it is for you to work out with your nails, we would love to know in the comments down below!

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