Top 10 Nail Hacks

Want to achieve that perfect salon-like manicure, without even leaving your home? Nowadays, this is achievable, and you won't have to invest loads of money or time into getting the perfect nails. If you are in the mood for some DIY projects and you want to learn some new tips & tricks, keep on reading!

Our Top 10 Nail Hacks That You Should Try Out!

1. Easier removal process

Sometimes, we do get fed-up with our nail polish colour. Wearing the same design over & over again can become annoying, as well as a part of our routine. If you wish to remove your stubborn polish quickly & easily, think about using the Bluesky Acetone removal wraps!

Simply place your fingernails in the Bluesky removal wraps, wait it out, and wipe away the product! They are already filled with acetone, which makes their removal 10x easier, more efficient, as well as quick & easy to do! Now, you can experiment with different colors and switch up your manicures more often, and as never before.

2. Spice up your manicure with some nail stickers

Stickers are super easy to use as well as place down on top of your nails. They are a great way for you to switch up your design and give it some character. Your nail look can be creative, stunning, as well as unique - just find the right nail stickers. These are super affordable and you can find them online, on e-Bay, as well as in most drugstores.
Place down the sticker on a wet base, or use some lightweight glue to stick them down.

3. Use the right nail file for even & healthy nails

Have you ever used the Bluesky nail file before? This nail file has the dual grade grit (100/180) which is perfect for your natural nails! It is also super easy to use and it performs amazingly on gel and nail polish! This nail file will prevent any breakage, and will give you a flawless manicure in the end! The Bluesky nail file will glide against your nail with ease and it is super easy to use.

4. Create a homemade nail bath

Nail baths can be calming for your nails, but they are also a therapeutic way for you to relax. You don't have to spend a lot of money since you probably have all of your needed tools at home. If you wish to make a homemade nail bath, make sure to use:
- One cup of warm water
- Lemons
- Use 2 spoons of sugar
- Add 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Keep your nails in this bath for 10 minutes. After that towel dry your nails and apply a cream on top to lock in all the goodies, as well as that moisture!

5. Use a Bluesky base coat, always

A base coat is a must, no matter the look that you're trying to achieve. Once you apply your base coat your manicure will stay on for twice as long! The Bluesky base coat will keep your polish intact, your colour won't move, smudge, or smear, and your nails will look twice as shiny and healthy!
Just as you use a makeup primer on top of your skin, you should use the Bluesky base coat since it will prolong your manicure.

6. Try out your dotting tool

Are you in the mood for some creative pieces? You can always create your own dotting tool and experiment with different nail looks! Simply just take a pen or a pencil that has a rubber top and pierce a simple fabric pin on top of it. You can also use a bobby pin and you will achieve a flawless (and unique) manicure.

7. Use nail tape for some nail art

If you are a creative person and you love funky art, as well as funky nails - get yourself some simple duck or nail tape! You can apply it directly to your nail and achieve some perfect piece of artwork and some playful lines. If you love geometrical shapes and unique manicures, give this hack a go! It is the best solution for women who need something artsy or playful for daily wear.

8. Add hand lotion & cuticle oil to your everyday routine

Never neglect your nails, hands, and your cuticles. Your nails should always look feminine & ladylike. The best and easiest way to achieve that look? With the Bluesky Nail Treatment Oil & Cuticle Conditioner. Apply the Bluesky cuticle oil each night after a shower, and before you hit the bed. Massage it in and your nails and cuticles will look healthy as ever. You will also notice the biggest difference if you are a nail or cuticle biter.

9. Go for an oval shape

Are you a fan of the oval shape? If not, would you be willing to give it a go? The oval shape is low-maintenance and it is so easy to achieve. Try and switch up your coffin or square-shaped manicures, and stick with this one as your everyday go-to! Why? Oval and round nails are the best when it comes to their breaking, peeling, or lifting! They will stay on for weeks with ease, and you won't have to redo or touch-up your manicure, at all!

10. Gel polish is x3 better & more long-lasting

Switch up your everyday nail polish with Bluesky gel polish, and see how it drastically changes the looks of your nails. Bluesky gel polish provides longevity, it is chip-resistant, and it can last you for two weeks straight! The best part? There are over fifty different colours for you to choose from and play with! Every woman will find her perfect shade with ease, no matter her age or headed event!

Ready to show off your nails?

Which of these top ten tips and tricks seem the easiest for you to do? Let us know what are some of your go-to hacks, as well as your favourite gel polish colours. We would love to know!

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