What Your Favorite Gel Polish Colour Says About You!

Bluesky has a new Summer collection that will amaze each and every one of you! Here are all of their absolute must-have gel polishes that will look great for this time of the year!

Girls, Summer is almost here, which means that you should be playing and experimenting with loads of different colours! This time of year is perfect for playing with loads of different shades and introducing a colourful pastel palette to your life! We hope that our top 6 prettiest gel polishes will suit everyone's personal preference. Also, these shades will tell a lot about your personality, and you will finally figure out their symbolism. Just keep on reading and see what we mean by it!

Our Top 6 Must-Have Summer Gel Polishes

Not too sure what manicure to get this time of the year? Well, luckily for you, we have answers to your questions! During the Summer season, a lot of women love to play with pastel & bright colours. In fact, almost every lady wants her nails to pop and to be noticed. You can do your fingernails & toenails on your own, as long as you have the right shade, some time to spare, as well as a UV lamp! Make yourself comfy and enjoy the mani pedi process! Here are our top 6 beautiful gel colours that will pique your interest!

1. Water Games

Are you a fan of bright baby blue polishes? This gel has an amazing color payoff, and you will like its attention-seeking colour. 

You will need only two coats in order to seal the deal and to enjoy this shade for 3 weeks straight! You can prep your nails with a base coat for even better and long-lasting results!

Why go for this shade of blue?

Well, did you know that blue colour symbolizes intelligence, the truth, as well as faith? It is also a color of peace and wisdom, perfect for women who are into deeper explanations and who like mysterious outcomes!

Stick with this shade of blue and also match your nails with your favorite pastel blue top, or earrings! This can be an amazing conversation-starter when you're out and about!

2. Beach Party

Not everyone is comfortable with wearing this bright Fuschia pink, however, are you? This colour looks amazing on longer nails and you will especially love it once you shape it into a square!

Usually, younger women will gravitate toward this colour, but what stops you from stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring something new?

Why go for this shade of pink?

Fuschia is an unusual mixture between purple and red. It is a beautiful & feminine colour that represents confidence (great for women who wish to stand out) and it also stands for maturity and salvation!

Wear your Fuschia gel polish along with a bright Fuschia coloured lipstick - it is a statement look for sure!

3. Shake It

Bright orange colours and yellow shades are the most-worn gel polishes during the Summer season, believe it or not.

This beautiful orange will look great on your fingernails and toenails! It will also suit women who have shorter natural nails and who don't want to get nail tips, extensions, or acrylics.

Why go for this shade of orange?

Orange is considered as a beautiful & happy colour. Usually, women who wear orange are seen as happy individuals who are enthusiasts. Also, orange will represent success and attraction.

Match your orange nails with a bright orange bag and seek looks everywhere you go!

4. Peanut Ice Cream

Let everyone know who's the boss with this light-up neon green! If you are someone who parties a lot or you like to go out and have fun, go for this fun shade!

Neon green nails will look great on longer nails and younger women who love to rave! Make sure that you go for this gel polish only if your workplace allows you to ''get freaky'' and step outside of the ''norms''.

Why go for this shade of green?

Green is considered as a colour of nature. Once you end up applying green gel polish, your nails will say that you are ready to grow, that you feel safe, and that you are a harmonious person!

Pair your neon green nails with any other neon accessory. We highly recommend some bright glow-in-the-dark shoes!

5. Lolita

If you need the perfect gel polish that can work for your everyday fun activities, and that is also office-friendly, go for this baby pink! It is a subtle colour that will look amazing on shorter and longer nails.

This is the perfect 2020 Summer shade that you can apply in 2-3 coats and dry under a UV light. Once set in place, your nails will last you for 3 weeks straight, without a doubt!

Why go for this shade of baby pink?

This soft pink colour represents love and inner peace. It also says a lot about you since it will present you as an approachable person to others around you.

You can wear a bit of pink blush to compliment this colour. This look is wearable as well as easy to achieve.

6. Pink Martini

Last, but not least, something that is wearable by any lady for this Summer season is our one of a kind nude! This shade is for ladies who don't want a lot of attention, but still want their nails to look neat and feminine!

This colour is soft and wearable to the office, parties, as well as tropical getaways. Apply two coats of it and set it with a top-coat for better longevity.

Why go for this shade of the perfect nude?

Nude nails are the most-asked-for nails at a salon. This shade represents warmth, solace, as well as security. Although it is quite simple & plain, this shade is still elegant and it stands for modesty.

Pair this colour with your favorite nude coloured lipstick. Don't forget a lip liner as well and go for that sophisticated ombre look!

Ready To Start Your Summer The Right Way?

So, how do you feel about our fun facts as well as explanations on each six of these shades? Are you ready to shop this new collection and seek looks everywhere you go? If so, you can find these bright colours right here: https://www.diva-world.co.uk/collections/summer-collection-2020

Which colour speaks to you the loudest, and did you know about its symbolism before? Either way it is, let us know your thoughts down below, we would love to hear what you have to say about your favorite gel polish, and why that is your favorite shade!

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